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The TATO LA Center for the Support and Rehabilitation for People with Different People with Different Capabilities is an established association in the Heroic City of Huajuapan de León, Oaxaca, that offers different kinds of support to people with different capacities so that they can be integrated into society.


Basis: The overall building is a rational collection of modular units in order to establish maximum efficiency with the lowest possible building costs. To this basic concept we can add the use of local materials and traditional building techniques to create an architectural space which combines social and environmental responsibility.

Overall joint architectural thrust: The project is made up of a group of buildings that are oriented so that they can avoid the intense solar radiation during the summer months while retaining the maximum amount of heat possible during the winter months thanks to their orientation along a primary northwest-southeast axis and a secondary oblique east-west axis centered on the entry which gives access to the various architectural spaces within: general purpose room, interactive classrooms, productive area, administrative area.

Formal concept: The spirit which inspired the design is supported by the idea of a group of architectural structures interconnected by passageways and a large inner patio which will provide protection for the human interactions and sharing carried out inside while contributing to the development of the productivity of the users. In order to achieve that, characteristic elements were taken from pre-Hispanic architecture. These details include the block-like stone bases and the predominance of solid over open spaces, integrating them with novo-Hispanic influences that can be seen in the use of exposed baked blocks and passageways with beams and running barrel vaults. The snail-shaped main access will be decorated with a great mural—a work of the artist José Luis García–as an evocation of pre-Hispanic Mixtec imagery. In its development, it will be converted into a helical transition that leads to the main vestibule and ends in a semi-orthogonal central patio, with the intent being to provide visual surprises. The spaces with a semi-circular or semi-orthogonal form were created in order to break the monotony of the formal orthogonal rigidity of the building and to try to provide pleasant sensations to the main users as they walk through the building. These spaces which are closed off from the outer world will have natural ventilation thanks to their north-south orientation, while seeking a cloistered or introverted effect. The majority of the walls will be constructed of compacted earth using different-colored and different-textured soils from the region in alternating patterns. The only exception will be the spiral or snail wall which will have depressions and protuberances of baked bricks as a pre-Hispanic influence.


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