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LOCATION: The Municipality of Calpulalpam de Mendez is located at an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level at the geographic coordinates of 96° 27’ W longitude and 17° 18’ N latitude. It covers a surface area of 3,850 hectares. On the north, it borders the communal lands of Ixtlan de Juarez and San Juan Tepanzacoalcos; on the south, with the communal lands of San Juan Juquila Vijanos, Santiago Xiacui and the commonwealth communities of Lachatao, Amatlan and Yavesia; on the east, with the community of San Miguel Yotao; and on the west, with the communal lands of Santa Maria Yahuiche (UZACHI, 2003).
PROPOSAL: The design of the shape and the colors are the result of a creative process based on geometrical outlines. The were inspired by the idea of protecting and conserving the natural scenery of the site.

THE NOMENCLATURE OF STREETS AND AVENUES: A metal frame made of 1 ¼” angles around a sign that is 60×20 cm. The sign itself is a 1”-thick wooden board finished with oil-based enamel paint in different colors: rust red, matte white, olive green. Low relief letters, a metal frame with a ¾” sill and attached to the wall with 3” screws.

CONSTRUCTED PATRIMONY AND MONUMENTS: Type 1 banderole with a 3” metallic I-beam support. The sign face is 60×20 cm with a 1 ½” metallic frame and finished with oil-based enamel in the following three colors: rust red, flat white and olive green. The letters are painted in low-relief grooves.

IDENTIFICATION OF ROUTES AND PATHWAYS: A Type 2 sign with a three-inch TPR and actual sign dimensions of 100 x 20 cm. made of a 1” wooden slab covered with oil-based paint to decorate in colors such as: rust red, white matte, olive green. Legends are low-relief letters. There’s a low relief system of painted grooves and a ¾-inch metallic cover. The signs are attached to buildings with 2”-inch metallic screws, and the signs are attached to buildings with 2”-inch metallic screws.


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