1. The articles can be written in either English or Spanish.
  2. Articles should refer to activities that favor the development of architecture in communities or collectives, including such themes as: professional, economic or technological development, vernacular culture and academic links and exchange programs.
  3. Only one article per author will be accepted, and its structure must be the following: Title, Key Words, Abstract, Introduction, Development, Conclusions, with all references following the APA Format:
    a) Example for a book: González, R., and Ramírez, J.L. (2007). La Teoría de los Valores. Mexico: Prentice-Hall
    b) Example for a magazine: Martínez, P. (2014). La teoría de los valores en Revista Bitácora Azul, Mexico. Edit. Panamericana, No. 456, p. 17.
    c) Example for Internet: Fernández, Pedro, La teoría de los valores en http://www.humacyt.ac.cr/hojas/investigaciones.html website of UNESCO, consulted March 2, 2014.
  4. Articles can be three to six pages, including graphics, and they may have up to five references.
  5. Fonts: Titles should not exceed 10 words with 13-point Arial bold in capitals and lower case; subtitles with 12-point Arial upper & lower case, both centered. The names of the authors (a maximum of two) with 9-point Arial, justified to the right, with an asterisk and a corresponding footnote.
  6. A maximum of 5 technical sources (photos, tables, maps, sketches, etc.) can be included with 8-point Arial in single spacing. They should be added as separate files, indicating their location in the text. Their resolution should be 300 dpi or better in JPG or TIF format, and they must have their respective captions.
  7. Only unpublished articles should be submitted, and Horizontes Architectural Magazine will have exclusive publication rights for one year.
  8. At the end, not to exceed 50 words, there will be a brief biographical sketch for each author with details such as: academic title, institution, current professional affiliation, email (supporting documents included).
  9. The article should be sent to: horizontes18@gmail.com as an editable file, and the TOPIC line should say: ARTICLE FOR HORIZONTES MAGAZINE.
  10. Each article submitted will be sent to at least two evaluators on our International Scientific Committee, who will determine if the article is approved, conditionally approved or rejected.

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