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8 December 2012

DECEMBER 5-7, 2012

The Francisco de Burgoa Library of the Santo Domingo Cultural Center was the site of the Third International Congress on the Cultural Patrimony of Mexico organized by the Academic Councils of the Schools of Architecture of the Autonomous Benito Juárez University of Oaxaca. Distinguished researchers, professors, architects, archeologists, anthropologists. Sociologists and others gathered in Oaxaca to discuss the different challenges facing those who wish to preserve our cultural patrimony.

Three days of activities included no less than eighty conferences and three working tables focused on the broad areas of: Tangible Patrimony, Natural Patrimony and Intangible Patrimony. The keynote addresses were given by:

• Dr. Olimpia Niglio (Italy, Esempi di Architetura, University of Pisa, Member of the International Scientific Committee of Horizontes Architectural Magazine.) TOPIC: The Concept of “Value” within the Cultural Patrimony & Different Restoration Methods at the International Level.

• Dr. Jorge Hernández Díaz (Mexico, Autonomous Benito Juárez University of Oaxaca). TOPIC: “Traven’s Dilemma: the cultural, social and legal controversies involved in the production of handicrafts.”

• Dr. Horacio Gnemmi Bohogú (Argentina, National University of Córdoba) TOPIC: “Conserved patrimony/frozen ideas”.

• Dr. Gerardo Torres Zárate (Mexico, ESIA, National Polytechnic Institute TOPIC: “The Mixtec cave and temascal: a lost patrimony”

• Dr. Enrique Martínez y Ojeda (Mexico, Office of Studies and Research, Technological Institute of Oaxaca) TOPIC: “Cultural patrimony and the protection of natural resources; 2 cases, the archeological sites of Mitla and Yagul”.

• Humberto Ricalde, M.S. in Architecture (Mexico, Research Center, National Autonomous University of Mexico. TOPIC: “The rescue of the henequen plantations on the Yucatan Peninsula”.

The agreements that are reached at each of the working tables will be included in a soon-to-be-published document that will be cosigned by all of the participants in this international congress, a very welcome result for the organizers!

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